If you’re just starting to look for a new home, or have found a property, but you’re not sure what steps to take to make an offer, we highly recommend that you contact a real estate agent in your area who is familiar with the neighborhood.

At Seaview Title, we work with hundreds of top agents and would be happy to assist you by making a recommendation.

Having a real estate agent work for you will cost you nothing as a homebuyer — but the cost of not having a licensed and experienced agent cannot be overstated.  There’s simply nothing better than knowing that the price you are willing to pay, and the home you wish to purchase are very sound decisions— and your agent will help you with this, and so much more.

A state license is required to sell real estate. But roughly half of those licensed take the additional step of becoming a REALTOR®.

As we show you in this video, only members of the National Association of Realtors – NAR – are entitled to use that registered trademark and call themselves a REALTOR®.

As members, they adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and have access to classes, seminars and certification. Their aim is to be experts in their community aware of real estate trends and local and neighborhood issues. They apply that expertise to help buyers and sellers succeed.

You can find a certified REALTOR® by looking in local sources asking around or searching here.

Once you’ve found the right agent to work with, we hope you will write our names into your contract to act as your Closing Agent.

As Seaview Title, we pride ourselves on “Closings Made Easy!”

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