What Does The Closing Process Involve When I Sell?


This article is for sellers to help them prepare to sell their home. Aside from curb appeal, and nice home features, and cosmetic items which create an emotional response and lure to prospective buyers, probably the key aspect of selling a home is the condition of the property. Does the roof leak? Are there items which require repair?

As this video explains, a signed sales contract doesn’t mean your house is sold … YET!

There are still financial, contractual and legal steps for both sides.

The buyer has to get financing to meet the contract terms – which includes credit checks.

And most importantly for the seller, the property is inspected and appraised.

There may be inspection items, painting, repairs and replacements which the buyer will request, and this can take time to negotiate.

Your attorney and Realtor can walk you through your legal obligations, and assist you with the process of negotiating these items.

It’s most important to remember that the law prohibits fraudulent concealment of known defects to property. The disclosure requirements will vary, and some sellers insist on selling property in “As Is” condition, thus minimizing repairs. Still. honesty is always the best policy when selling your home.

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