Title Insurance Explained Visually


What is title insurance, and why should homebuyers purchase it when buying a home?

After all, doesn’t the attorney or title company handling the closing conduct a full title search and take steps to ensure you have a clear title? Isn’t this just another way to siphon a few coins off a real estate transaction?

Absolutely not!

Title insurance protects one of your largest investments you’ll ever make, and prevents a property owner from suffering financial loss which could be potentially catastrophic.

In our FAQ section we list over 70 ways someone can lose their property, even after a competent title search has been completed. Among these, are prior conveyances involving forgery or fraud, or unknown heirs who may step forward with a claim after an invalid property devise under a prior will, or even a conveyance involving a deed executed under an invalid power of attorney.

If you have purchased title insurance, at any time during your ownership of the property, if someone should claim to have a superior title interest, you will be covered for any potential loss, including the costs of defending your title in court.

Just how devastating would it be if you eventually discovered that someone else owned what you’d always thought was your home?

Do yourself a favor. When you buy a home, buy title insurance.  It’s a one time purchase which will protect you while you own your home, and even after you’ve sold your home should you be named in a lawsuit challenging the chain of title. Title insurance is affordable, and the rates are regulated by the State and cannot vary from company to company. Please watch this video to understand the essentials.

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