Title Insurance Explained Visually


What is title insurance, and why should homebuyers purchase it when buying a home?

After all, doesn’t the attorney or title company handling the closing conduct a full title search and take steps to ensure you have a clear title? Isn’t this just another way to siphon a few coins off a real estate transaction?

Absolutely not!

Title insurance protects one of your largest investments you’ll ever make, and prevents a property owner from suffering financial loss which could be potentially catastrophic.

In our FAQ section we list over 70 ways someone can lose their property, even after a competent title search has been completed. Among these, are prior conveyances involving forgery or fraud, or unknown heirs who may step forward with a claim after an invalid property devise under a prior will, or even a conveyance involving a deed executed under an invalid power of attorney.

If you have purchased title insurance, at any time during your ownership of the property, if someone should claim to have a superior title interest, you will be covered for any potential loss, including the costs of defending your title in court.

Just how devastating would it be if you eventually discovered that someone else owned what you’d always thought was your home?

Do yourself a favor. When you buy a home, buy title insurance.  It’s a one time purchase which will protect you while you own your home, and even after you’ve sold your home should you be named in a lawsuit challenging the chain of title. Title insurance is affordable, and the rates are regulated by the State and cannot vary from company to company. Please watch this video to understand the essentials.

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6 “Must Have” Social Media Strategies for REALTORS

Are you creating business buzz using the power of social media marketing?

Use the Power of Social Media for Your Business!

Use the Power of Social Media for Your Business!

If not, let Seaview Title be a partner in your success and show you 6 ways to use social media marketing to find more leads, create referrals, and improve your online presence. 


• If you have a Facebook page, use it to host a Facebook Contest. Run a local sweepstakes, and offer concert tickets or dinner for two to the winner. The point of this is to get more locals liking/following your page and engaged in your content.


• Team up with a local business in your neighborhood to do a twitter-only special. For instance, tweet “For 20% off at @HomeDepot, check back for the discount code I’ll share with you at 5pm today!.” This is a great way to obtain re-tweets and new followers, and help promote real estate related businesses.

• Add your Twitter Username to your business cards and other promotional marketing materials and encourage potential clients to engage with you by asking questions, and soliciting their questions or comments. This is easy to do using the @ function on Twitter.


• Take a video of a listing that you are representing, and include some item in visible place in one shot of the video. Ask your viewers if they can find the object and make sure that comments are turned off so the answer can’t be revealed. This is a great way to get viewers engaged in your listing video.

• Create a YouTube Channel and name it something like “Best Places to Visit in Naples, Florida.” Add a teddy bear in each video, and make it like a journey for your clients who follow the bear to various activities around your city, such as concerts, special locations, water parks, petting zoos, or arenas, marinas, new restaurants, and the like.  Mention in the video, “Wouldn’t you love to live in Paradise? Let me help you find the perfect home,” followed with your contact information.


• Turn Instagram into a treasure hunt. When you host your next open house, tell your followers “Follow this weeks photos to my next open house.” Throughout the week strategically take pictures of the neighborhood to provide clues to your followers about the location of the open house. The first person to find the open house via Instagram and showing they’ve collected certain clue cards along the way, could win a giveaway.

• Instagram allows for a 15 second video, so find a client who would feel comfortable leaving you a review in 15 second or less. Ask them something like “In 15 seconds describe what you enjoyed most about working with me.”


• Take and edit pictures of your city via Instagram and upload them to Pinterest.

• Use Pinterest to connect with your current buyers. Create a board and title it “Mr./Mrs. (clients last name).” Send your clients an invite to “Collaborate” on the board with you. Tell them to pin pictures of what they are looking for in their next home. Not only will your clients love this, but essentially every time they pin to your board they are marketing for you.

• Once you have found your clients their new home, take a picture of them next to their new house. Add the photo to the board and say something like “Another closed deal” while including your contact information and link to your website. (Be sure to always ask your clients to inform you while they are pinning so you can edit the text in theirs pins while also managing your brand.)


• Use LinkedIn to connect with local Mortgage or Title professionals in your area who would be interested in hosting an event with you. Also, you could connect with inspectors, cleaning companies, lawn services, and other real estate related vendors.